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Kajal Bunwarie & Power Group Education & Sports Trust

The trust was formed in the memory of Kajal Bunwarie after her tragic death on 04 March 2003. Kajal was a part time second year law student at the University of Natal Pietermaritzburg and was employed as a Personal Assistant and trainee Financial Planner within their family Financial Services Company, Power Brokers & Financial Services.

Kajal excelled both at her full time occupation and studying law and had an exceptional rapport with everyone that she came into contact with, or interacted with. Her enthusiasm and bubbly personality made her a driving force within Power Brokers & Financial Services.

Kajal always adhered to strong human values and believed that every person was entitled to an education and must be allowed to strive towards their personal goals and live a meaningful life.

The formation of the Kajal Bunwarie Education & Sports Trust was with these endearing human qualities embodied in Kajal Bunwarie and the trust will endeavour to add value to the lives of young people, in need of, and wanting a good education and for the betterment of themselves, their families and the community.


Power Brokers and Financial Services is committed to developing and growing the youth within our education system.

Our company's commitment has enabled several hundred scholars to benefit from our companies contribution through The Kajal Bunwarie Education and Sports Trust.

In 2005 we concluded a formal agreement with the Midlands Zone 4 Executive Committee now renamed, The Cumberwood Sports Association and were confirmed as the sponsors of their league and tournaments. Power Brokers have sponsored prize money, equipment, and prizes for the schools every year. Powerbrokers and The Kajal Bunwarie Education and Sports Trust have made a commitment and formed a successful partnership with 25 schools participating in the Volleyball initiative.

In 2008, we have formed a purposeful parnership with the Mathematics Midlands AMESA society, where children from junior to secondary phase are given the opportunity to show off their mathematics gifts and talents. We have awarded the top mathematician with a bursary and look forward to this continued relationship with the AMESA Midlands society. The committment and quality of organisation within this body is highly evident. Their passion and drive for growth of learners via mathematics embodies the same principles and values of our company and trust. It therefore gives us great pleasure to be associated with Amesa now and in the future.

Futher to our schools initiatives we have formed a working partnership with the Midlands Hindu Society and sponsor them. We have for the past two years been their main sponsor together with other sponsors and the Msunduzi Municipality. Our aim here was to reach as many people in the community to spread goodwill amongst all the people of Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas; and at the same time continue to promote the core purposes of the Kajal Bunwarie Education and Sports Trust and the Power Brokers and Financial Services. 

We trust that you will join our commitment in developing the Young Leaders of Tomorrow thereby the Future Ambassadors for us all.

The Kajal Bunwarie Education & Sports Trust
Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow
Educate and Eradicate
Say no to.... Crime, Drugs, Abuse, and Corruption

The Power Group has made a commitment in writing to contribute 10% of our gross income to fund the now merged into the Kajal Bunwarie/Power Group Education and Sports Trust. You can assist us ingrowing this fund which is specifically earmarked for the development of our Young Leaders of Tomorrow both academically and in the sporting field. All our Personally Branded Products selected by you as a client will afford you the opportunity of allocating 10% of our gross commission/fees earned from your investment to the Kajal Bunwarie/ Power Group Education and Sports Trust.

The fund will be fully audited on a half yearly basis and will be available for inspection.